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  • Citrus Mint Outdoor…
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    Ah, hot summer days... ripe with life and best enjoyed after coating yourself in a 100% natural blend of essential oils to keep your skin feeling hydrated during all your outdoor adventures. 100% Natural | 76% Organic Tested on people not animals

  • Peppermint Lip Butter…
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    A long lasting blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and sesame oil provides rich moisturization coupled with a cool and refreshing peppermint experience. Peppermint is not only refreshing it also immediately cools dry, irritated, itchy, cracked lips leaving them feeling calm and refreshed. 100% Natural | 70% Organic Tested on people not animals.

  • Aloe Vera Smoothing…
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    Shake this fine, powdery polish into your palm and blend with your choice of base. Volcanic sand provides a gentle micro-dermabrasion to leave skin soft and glowing. We've added Australian Ivory Clay which provides a gentle detoxification, while the Aloe soothes and calms sensitive skin. This unscented polish is perfect for you if you're looking for something gentle and mild. Reveal your softest, brightest complexion without irritation. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Neroli Rose Body Oil…
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    Soft, fragrant skin is as easy as 1 2 3. Massage this nourishing blend of Sesame, Jojoba and Coconut Oils all over your body for dewy skin and the uplifting scent of white flowers and rose.

  • Pomegranate Day Cream…
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    Get a limited edition Rocky cosmetic bag when you purchase the Pomegranate Day Cream. Offer valid while supplies last. A day cream for your face made to nourish, protect and combat the signs of aging. Anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate holds naturally hydrating ingredients that protect against dryness all day long. It really is superfood for your skin. Also available in 20mL travel size . 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Lemongrass Body Butter…
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    This saucy Lemongrass butter will add a zing to your step and a spring to your smile. Or is it the other way round? Either way, soft skin and happiness will be yours. 100% Natural | 71% Organic Tested on people not animals

  • Strawberry Lip Butter…
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    A long lasting blend of cocoa butter and beeswax provides rich moisturization, easy glide application and a protective barrier from natures elements. Organic mixed berry flavour is sweet and uplifting, leaving your lips feeling soft.

  • Stress & Migraine Therapy…
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    When the day's stress has become too much or your headache is out of control, reach into the freezer and take out your new best friend. These flaxseed and herb filled satin pillows are soft and pliable, molding nicely over the eyes. The soothing blend of essential oils helps to relieve the throbbing pain of migraine headaches and relax tense facial muscles. The gentle pressure of the pillow stimulates acupressure points. Great for those who suffer from migraines, headaches, sinus congestion, tired itchy eyes, puffy eyes, and computer eyestrain. Great for yoga practice during the end relaxation pose. Helps you enjoy a restful sleep while soothing tired, puffy eyes.

  • Bamboo Brightening Face…
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    Looking for a scrubby, deeply exfoliating experience to reveal your freshest face? This toxin-FREE polish uses Bamboo and Sugar to give an invigorating scrub for normal and oily skin types. You'll love the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus that gives it the fresh, 'wake me up' scent. We've added French Green Clay for its excellent detoxifying properties. Let the polish sit on your face for a while to get the full benefit of the Clay. Combining this Polish with water will give you the most intense exfoliation, but you can combine it with Cleansing Oil, Day Cream, Honey, Yogurt or whatever nourishing and natural base that your skin is craving. Polish away dead skin to reveal your freshest, most glowing complexion. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Juicy Cherry Body Butter…
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    Have amazingly soft and touchable skin while enjoying the scent of a fresh bowl of juicy cherries. Here's to summer all year round. 75.15% Organic 100% Natural

  • Unscented Body Butter…
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    Dry skin sucks big time. This is your secret weapon and best defence against very dry skin. Coat, protect, moisturize. Problem solved. 100% Natural | 74% Organic Tested on people not animals

  • Belly Body Butter Auto…
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    Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Belly Butter

  • Blood Orange Sugar Body…
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    Using a scrub 3-4 times a week promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage. Exfoliating provides better absorption of lotions, maintaining youthful and hydrated skin. Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt scrubs, less dehydrating, won't sting on shaving nicks and are good for all skin types, especially dry skin. 100% Natural | 92% Organic Tested on people not animals.

  • Hand Butter Auto renew…
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    Rough hands? Cracks 'round your nails? So not cool. This rich Avocado, beeswax, and coconut oil, butter is exactly what you need. Seal em' up, no more pain. Nothing but softness. 100% Natural | 70% Organic Tested on people not animals

  • Kids Root Beer Lip Butter…
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    This delicious and nourishing lip butter smells like your favourite soda pop but its totally natural and totally good for you. Wintergreen and Sweet Birch make it smell like the real deal. We made it with the kiddies in mind, but we've noticed more than a few of the 'young at heart' folks eyes light up when they pop the cap off this sweet treat too. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.