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  • Vanilla Mint Soap -…
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    Key Ingredients: Cooling peppermint, coconut oil & fair trade, organic shea butter. If there is a soul alive who doesn't love the sweet, warm scent of vanilla, we've never met them. Blended with cooling peppermint makes this natural soap bar even more delightful and delicious. With a little coconut oil and shea butter for added moisture, this bar is just a dream. Lather and enjoy! Best for: Combination Skin

  • Juicy Cherry Cake Box…
  • Juicy Cherry Hand Cream…
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    This is a rich and nourishing hand lotion made without any parabens or any other icky ingredients. Just nourishing Jojoba, White Lily and Mango Butter for well protected digits at any time of year. It's a handy size as well, great to keep in your purse for dry hand emergencies.

  • Unscented Conditioner…
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    100% natural conditioner that is totally scent free for those that are a little more sensitive than others. Gentle and conditioning, detangles and adds shine without weighing hair down. Replenishes moisture loss caused from chemical treatments. Also available in 500mL pump bottle . 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Aloe Vera Smoothing…
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    Shake this fine, powdery polish into your palm and blend with your choice of base. Volcanic sand provides a gentle micro-dermabrasion to leave skin soft and glowing. We've added Australian Ivory Clay which provides a gentle detoxification, while the Aloe soothes and calms sensitive skin. This unscented polish is perfect for you if you're looking for something gentle and mild. Reveal your softest, brightest complexion without irritation. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Juicy Cherry Hand &…
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    Cherry scented lather for smiles and happiness, Coconut Oil for soft skin and clean bits. It can all be yours, quick as cherry pie.

  • Citrus Mint Outdoor…
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    Ah, hot summer days... ripe with life and best enjoyed after coating yourself in a blend of essential oils that will serve as your 100% natural and toxin-free secret weapon when venturing into the outdoors. 100% Natural, 76% Organic

  • Unscented Body Wash…
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    You love a rich, moisturizing lather...a pure clean...a natural washing experience in the shower or at the sink. What you don't like are products that smell like anything at all. Lilac, smoked gouda, fresh-cut grass...none of that please. No problem. This bodywash was made just for you to smell like...well, nothing at all. Also available in 1L refill size. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Spearmint Soap Auto…
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    Key Ingredients: East coast kelp, spearmint leaf oil & fair trade, organic shea butter. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, I do like to be beside the sea… Invigorate your senses with this refreshing natural soap bar. Spearmint stimulates and cleanses, while kelp exfoliates to promote healthier skin. You’ll have that youthful mermaid look in no time. Best for: Normal Skin

  • Vanilla Coconut Bath…
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    Who doesn't love the warm, sweet scent of Vanilla and Coconut together? This bomb will take you away to a place of sun, sand and vanilla blossoms. Not only is the scent absolutely mouth-watering, but it will leave your skin so soft, so hydrated and so well-nourished that you'll want to do the hula. Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter are two of the most amazing natural moisturizers known to man. Bask in their anti-aging and softening effects. And you can rest easy knowing that you're soaking in nothing but 100% natural and toxin-free goodness. Buy 6 of any Bath Bomb for $33 Prices adjust automatically in checkout. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Vanilla Coconut Conditioner…
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    The perfect partner to our Vanilla Coconut natural shampoo. Our 100% natural conditioner will help create soft, shiny hair. Enjoy the delightful scent of the island all without any nasty ingredients. Keep calm and condition on! Also available in 500mL pump bottle . Suitable for all hair types. Coconut oil makes it especially good for helping with dry or damaged hair.

  • Gratitude Gift Set Auto…
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    I'm realizing that without you in my life I would be a sad and lonely human being with bad hair. Please enjoy this box full of pretty, natural things. You don't have to worry that there are any nasty ingredients in this box. . . I double checked and they're all edible. With you in my life my eyes sparkle more, my cheeks hurt from smiling, my hair rocks, and I am a much better dancer. Thank you.

  • Geranium Soap Auto renew…
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    One of our most popular soaps. It not only looks and smells wonderful but is a natural cleanser packed with regenerative Geranium that makes it perfect for dry or mature skin types. Geranium Oil is an excellent moisturizer for mature, dry skin. Calendula (Marigold) Flowers soothe and nourish dry or damaged skin. Rosehips are a natural source of antioxidants rich in Vitamin C and bioflavonoids and they help remove dead skin cells and brighten the complexion of the skin. Skin type: Dry or Mature.Suitable for: Face, Hands & Body. Also available in smaller 100g bar size.

  • Fruit Smoothie Soap…
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    This pretty and chunky bar has the most delicious, mouth-watering scent. Honeydew lends its sweet, summery smell while Coconut and Olive Oils make it perfect for normal and dry skin. This bar is pure joy. Normal to dry skin. Suitable for hands and body

  • Citron Body Wash Auto…
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    This men's body wash is very rich and has a very moisturizing lather. It contains no sulfates so it won't leave your skin dry or tight feeling. It has a fresh lemony scent that's grounded with sage which is perfect for men. Also available in 1L refill size. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.