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  • Juicy Cherry Mini Tray…
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    Juicy. Fruity. Delicious. 15g Juicy Cherry Soap Mini Cherry Body Butter Juicy Cherry Lip Butter

  • Lemon Lime Soap Auto…
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    This soap brings a hint of summer into your bathroom at any time of year. The idea for this lemonade-scented bar came courtesy of a local Canmore student and became an instant favourite with our team and customers. Previously available only during the summer it's now become a year-round favorite. Lemon and Lime essential oils are refreshing and uplifting and help to remove excess oils from the skin. Calendula (Marigold) Flowers help soothe and nourish skin. Naturally coloured with mineral powders. Skin Type: Normal to Combination. Suitable for: Hands & Body.

  • Goat's Milk Soap Auto…
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    Key Ingredients: Goat's milk, calming lavender & fair trade, organic shea butter. Locally sourced goat’s milk is the star ingredient of this natural soap. Packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins, goat’s milk soothes and hydrates even the most sensitive skin. Shea butter further helps to moisturize the skin while the light lavender scent calms and soothes. Lather up and say hello to hydrated skin. Best for: Dry Skin Also available in larger slab size.

  • Hot Flash Aromatherapy…
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    Feeling a sudden burst of heat? Mist this blend on the back of your neck for an instant sensation of relief. Peppermint cools the skin, while Rose Geranium and Clary Sage bring balance to your mood.

  • Lavender Bubble Bath…
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    Sink into a relaxing tub of bubble bath made without any icky ingredients... just the divine scent of Lavender and a sea of bubbles to welcome your tired limbs. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Skin Care To Go Auto…
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    Now you can take your 100% natural skin care everywhere you go with these handy travel sizes of our Transformative Cleansing Oil, Pomegranate FaceCream, and Hydrating Toner. Pack up clean and beautifully hydrated skin along with your extra socks, toothbrush, and lint roller. For skin that looks and feels great naked. The Toner and Cleansing Oil are 15mL and the Day Cream is 20mL.

  • For Soft Hands & Feet…
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    Suffer from dry hands and feet? These two little powerhouses are just the right size to slip in a purse, pocket or travel kit. 100% natural moisturization and protection at your finger and toe-tips! Mini Hand Butter Mini Foot Butter

  • Vanilla Coconut Body…
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    Ultra hydration in a stick format with the sweet scent of Vanilla and the carefree scent of Coconuts. You'll think you've gone to heaven, and it's an island paradise. 100% Natural | 76% Organic Tested on people not animals

  • Citron Bath Salt Auto…
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    Our bath salts for men are so good for sore and tired muscles. They contain Epsom salts which help release lactic acid and stimulate circulation. The scent is fresh and slightly herbal and is blended especially for men.

  • Cleanse Bath Salt Auto…
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    Environmental pollution can form a layer of toxic particles on our skin, that are absorbed into our body over time. This soothing blend of Himalayan salt crystals and essential minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, bromide, and calcium, helps to naturally draw toxins from our body, reduce swelling, and relax tired muscles. Grapefruit and Juniper berry also support the detoxification process, relieving nervous tension, and leaving you feeling cleansed, calm, and chemical-free. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.

  • Sport Massage Oil Auto…
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    Great for those who are physically active and ideal for those who spend a lot of time on their legs or work long hours. The blend of Marjoram and Lemongrass soothe muscular aches and pains. Sunflower oil is very emollient without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. Jojoba Seed Oil is emollient with regenerative and tonifying qualities, good for dry, damaged skin. Smooth, lightweight Apricot Kernel Oil revitalizes dry, delicate, mature, and sensitive skin types. A touch of Vitamin E improves elasticity and heals damaged skin.

  • Blossom Berry Conditioner…
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    This conditioner will make your hair soft and touchable, but it will also smell womanly and unique to you. Comb through your clean hair, and don't worry about a single weird ingredient. This is the 500ml large size. Also available in 240mL bottle . 100% Natural Conditioner Tested on people not animals.

  • Peppermint Essential…
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    Mountain Springs Mentha Piperita - Pure essential oil for diffusers, massage or the tub.

  • Tea Tree Deodorant Auto…
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    You already know that Tea Tree is useful for bug-bites, skin-infections, cuts, burns and scrapes. But did you know that its the perfect oil to use in your underarms to help control odour? Shake this natural deodorant up well before rolling on to underarms. Allow it to dry and you're set for about 6 hours of non-funkiness. Reapply as needed. 100% Natural Tested on people not animals

  • Baby Bum Balm Auto renew…
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    Tested and loved by cloth diapering parents, this soothing balm made with Jojoba, Calendula and Chamomile is the perfect alternative to petroleum based creams. It works great for cradle cap and dry skin too! Made without any sulfates, parabens, pthalates or any other toxic stuff that you wouldn't want anywhere near your baby. Also available in smaller 60g size . 100% Natural Tested on people not animals.